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Lauren’s Last Chance for a Family

In March of 2011, I walked into an orphanage in Guizhou and heard the children who lived there singing a welcome to us from one floor above. As I came up the steps and into the main room, my eyes were immediately drawn to a young girl in a wheelchair whose smile lit up her entire face. When I knelt down to meet her, I was told that she had been taken to the orphanage after she lost the use of her legs.

Within minutes, it became clear that she had a very sweet and loving personality, as I watched her make sure that the younger children all got their snacks and treats that we had brought. By the end of our time in her rural town she had embedded herself in my heart, and I said goodbye to her worrying about what her future would hold if she was unable to find a permanent family. Today I urge you to read and share the blog below written by LWB’s education director. I know that somewhere in this vast world there IS a family for this loving and sweet 13 year old. But we have to work together to spread the news that she is about to lose her chance at adoption. So how do you make something “go viral?” And I think the answer is by caring enough about the life of a child to actually click “share” on your Facebook page. PLEASE take just a moment to let others know she is waiting. This truly is her last chance at receiving a family to love her forever.

~Amy Eldridge, Executive Director

Every life is so very important and precious, and every child I see through my work at Love Without Boundaries touches my heart. However, sometimes, a child doesn’t just touch my heart, they grab ahold of it and make it ache, they show up in my dreams, they make me cry every time I see their photo. These children truly break my heart, and no matter what we do, I never feel that it’s enough. Lauren from Guizhou, who is part of our tutoring program, is one of those children.

Lauren is 13 years old and will age out of the adoption system in a very short ten months.  To me, Lauren has a wonderful personality, is able to learn, and is bright and happy. She was a delight for her tutor for the last two years, and will be part of our new school program in her orphanage come this fall. She has been available for adoption for over a year – “unchosen” – and I lay awake at night sometimes wondering what has to happen for her to find her forever family.

The harsh truth is that if a family doesn’t choose her soon, she will age out and remain an orphan in China for the rest of her precious life. Lauren is in a wheelchair, and while we don’t know if physical therapy and surgery would ever help her, we do know that those things will never happen for her in her current situation. We also know the hard reality that Lauren will probably never leave her institution if she does not find her forever family. Her town is not “handicapped accessible,” and there is no education or jobs for the “disabled.” This breaks my heart into pieces when I think about it, as I know she could have a full and productive life if just given the chance to shine.

Lauren’s file is on the shared list and has been featured on our blog as our Featured Child of the Week, “A Look At Lauren,”, and “Luminous Lauren.” I am proud and thankful to say that LWB is offering a $2,000 grant for her adoption! Please, please, share this information with family and friends, tell people about Lauren, think and pray about Lauren, and contact our adoption advocacy team for more information on this amazing and precious child.

~Melissa Kramer, Education Director

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact [email protected] with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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