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Leah: LWB’s featured child of the week

Leah-1Leah is a quiet 15-year-old who attends a middle school in Fujian Province, where she has done very well and is near the top of her class in academics. Leah would very much like to continue her education through high school, so that she can one day attend college. She is working hard at her studies and is also beginning to develop her confidence when speaking in front of others.


Life has not been easy for this reserved young lady. Earlier this year her mother required surgery to treat injuries suffered in a car accident. This put a huge financial strain on the family, and unfortunately they are unable to continue supporting Leah’s education. Leah’s father works hard as a painter, but in times of bad weather work is hard to come by. What little he earns goes toward paying off medical debts. With a large family at home, including Leah’s brother, grandmother, and great grandparents, it has not been easy to make ends meet.


Leah-2Leah feels a great responsibility for her family members and hopes that, by getting a good education, she can help to improve their daily living situation. Your one-time donation in any amount or monthly donation of $20 per month will support Leah in her dreams of making a better life for herself and her family. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos and will have the chance to exchange letters with this deserving young woman.

To sponsor Leah, please click here.  Thank you for helping to change the lives of children in need!


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