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Leah’s New Smile

On one of Leah’s first days at the cleft home, she seems to be saying …“I’m not so sure about this place…”


Leah at the hospital before surgery…“Hmm…I wonder what I’m doing here…?”


Leah has always been one of our more contemplative babies—always very aware of what is going on around her, and trying to figure out her surroundings.  She recently went for cleft surgery, and, judging by these pictures, I think you can say she’s pretty happy with the results!  Leah’s new smile means that she doesn’t dribble as much when she eats (which the nannies appreciate!) and it means that she can start to babble more freely!  She speaks both to herself, and calls her nannies “Ma…ma…ma…” And, she has learned to greet people by clapping her hands! 



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