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Isn’t it true that we learn by teaching? I know that as I teach my children to pick up their things, clear the table, do homework in a timely fashion I am actually learning to do those things myself. Our Believe In Me teacher in Jingzhou, Hubei Province knows that the best learning comes from teaching – especially when it comes to learning Pinyin. Pinyin, as many of you know, is the Romanization of Mandarin. When it comes to learning how to read/write in English and Mandarin, Pinyin is the first alphabet students will learn.

Our Believe In Me students are no different. They are having fun teaching each other English letters and Chinese sounds…and they are some of the cutest little professors we ever did see! I just love these photos. They show how a school, even a little, itty bitty tiny school with one teacher and a whole lotta hope can transform lives.
Thank you to all the sponsors and donors that have made this learning possible for these students. It will be very useful in their futures.

Linda Mitchell

To learn more about LWB students in need of education opportunities please visit: http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/education.cfm

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