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Lee: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

With the arrival of 2016, we had an arrival of other sorts — baby Lee.  Little Lee was born with a very large teratoma, or tumor, at the base of his spine.


His orphanage called us as soon as he was left with them as they knew he needed immediate help, and so we rushed him to the hospital in Shanghai. Thankfully, the doctors in Shanghai were able to successfully remove Lee’s teratoma, and it was not malignant so no chemotherapy was needed.

Lee 1.5.16

The nannies at our Anhui Healing Home welcomed Lee after his surgery when he was just one month old, weighing a whopping 3.9 pounds! We knew our wonderful nannies would soon beef him up and help him feel healthy and loved.

Lee2 1.17.16

It didn’t take long for Lee to adjust.  Soon he was eating well and sleeping through the night. In fact, the only times he opened his eyes was when he was eating or having a diaper change!

Lee 1.17.16

After just one month in the healing home environment, Lee is beginning to be more tuned in to what’s happening around him and tries to follow the noises he hears.

Lee 1.31.16

His favorite place to be is safe and snug in his nanny’s arms!

Lee is in need of sponsors who will help to fund his special care at our Anhui Healing Home. Sponsors will receive regular updates and photos of this little sweetie. Please consider becoming a sponsor for Lee and making a true difference in his life!

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