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Lenore Jean: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Lenore Jean is a precious six-month-old baby in one of our newer foster care programs in Guizhou. Looking at her chubby cheeks and sweet smile, one would never know that she has a serious heart defect. Originally the diagnosis was VSD, which is a relatively simple surgery as far as heart defects go. But upon further examination and testing, the results showed something much more serious, and doctors believe the sooner she can have the surgery the better the outcome will be.

Lenore Jean enjoys the love and watchful eye of her foster mother, and, because of her good care she is gaining weight and growing. While in the hospital for the new heart echo, she was described as active and energetic! But the doctors in Shanghai feel that her heart defect is causing her to develop pulmonary hypertension, and the surgery she needs should be done sooner rather than later. A heart catheterization is required first to determine the development of her pulmonary artery, and then the best surgery plan for her will be determined. The funding required for her more complex heart defect, plus the heart catheterization, is nearly $10,000.

Lenore Jean’s health is at risk with the winter months coming, and it is imperative that her heart cath be done soon so she can have her surgery before the cold winter months set in. Your donation in any amount toward her medical care will be greatly appreciated!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Thanks for asking about darling Lenore Jean! She has had her heart surgery and is doing well. However, she is not on the shared list at this time.

  • dabneyrobbie says:

    Is there an update on this sweet girl? Wondering if she has had her surgery and if she is available for adoption. Thanks!