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Let the Hot Lunches Begin!

This week we celebrated the grand opening of LWB’s Kitchen House at our Believe in Me school in Rangsei!


In this Cambodian village, many of the parents have left to find work elsewhere, and the kids are “left behind”. As we mentioned in our blog, Hunger in Cambodia, this country has the highest infant and under-five mortality rate in the southeast Asia region, with malnutrition being a key cause of child mortality. According to some reports, up to 45 percent of all Cambodia children — more than 1 in 3 — are stunted due to malnutrition.

To help address this issue, we have begun a hot lunch program in our Believe in Me school and have hired two local women to source the ingredients and cook the meals for the students in Rangsei.

It looks like they have chosen lots of healthy green veggies and rice for today’s lunch!

ready-with-my-bowl-11-16I’ve got my bowl!

Let’s wash up before lunch.

Lunch line!

Giving thanks and appreciation to those who prepared our meal

Time to dig in!

As you can see, rice is a staple of their diet and a key part of our hot lunch program. However, rice by itself is an incomplete protein which means that it doesn’t contain all the essential amino acids that the kids need to grow and develop, so we are adding protein to the rice as well as a fruit each day.

Full tummies make it much easier to focus on learning at school!

Enjoying some corn on the cob

Although education will feed their souls, we know that feeding their bodies is equally as essential. Please consider joining us to help feed these children a hot and nutritious lunch!

We would be so grateful for either one-time gifts or monthly sponsorships of our Cambodia School Nutrition project and our Believe in Me Rangsei school.

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