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Let the Light Shine

In Cambodia, over 60% of homes do not have access to electricity. In remote rural areas, once the sun goes down at night, people are plunged into complete darkness.

Some families choose to use kerosene lanterns, but the risk of fires is high since most of the simple homes are made from wooden planks. We’ve sadly seen many severe burn injuries in children due to spilled hot kerosene and flames.

For children who are old enough to go to school, not having access to electricity can also have a big impact on their studies. Kids often have many chores to do after school before they can think about doing their homework. Once the sun sets in the evening, they have no way to study in the darkness.

Last year, one of our volunteers told us about Solarpuff, a collapsible lantern which charges in the sun and then gives eight hours of light at night. As we researched the lights, we learned they are completely waterproof, a real necessity during the monsoon season in Cambodia, when just about everything gets wet. LWB purchased 720 of these innovative lights to give to Cambodian children living in remote areas, and we thought you would like to see some of the photos from the first village impacted.

Our team set off on their journey with the lanterns strapped on the back of motorbikes. Their destination was a village with no electricity access at all. This region is often cut off completely from the nearest town during rainy season as the roads become impassable.

Heading off on their adventure

Passing children swimming in a waterhole

After over an hour of traveling the dirt roads, they began seeing the first homes on the outskirts of the village.

They loaded lanterns into their backpacks and began going house to house to distribute the lights and explain how easy they are to use.

Leng explaining how the solar panels work

The kids got the hang of the lanterns super quickly and were excited to charge them in the sun so they could see them work that night.

Babies need light too, of course.

The children were thrilled to have such a cool new gift, and the smiles we received certainly brightened our hearts.

The team spent the whole day distributing the first two boxes of lanterns to make sure every family and child will have these unique lights (which last up to five years).

Each day in our Cambodian programs we reinforce the message to children that they were born to shine. We believe that with access to education, their potential is unlimited.

How wonderful to know that their homes can shine at night now as well. The children are so happy that they have a safe, reliable way to finish their schoolwork once the sun goes down.

To everyone who gives to LWB, you’ve made another life-changing project possible. THANK YOU!

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”  Maya Angelou

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