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Letters from Life Skills Camp

Our first-ever Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens and young adults was last week, and we have been going through scores of photos and evaluations from the mentors and campers. We just received these heartwarming letters of thanks from some of the campers about what the camp meant to them:

LSC Cherry RebeccaNew friends Cherry and Rebecca

Rebecca from Anhui: I thank the foundation for giving me this chance to let me learn a lot in this summer camp, and to let me make many friends. This journey has left everyone with wonderful memories, memories that will let me remember each bit of my trip to Beijing. I am honored to have been able to go to this summer camp.

LSC Joy JumpingJoy, jumping for joy on board a boat in Beijing

Joy from Gansu: I felt every day was enriching. It expanded my horizons and let me understand how much of a frog at the bottom of the well I really was! I could also expand my social circle. After I saw the scenic spots of Beijing, I feel that China’s history is awesome! I also got to try foods of various different flavors. I really like this summer camp. I learned so much.

LSC  Tom BirdsNestTom and his mentor at the Birds Nest in the Olympic Village

Tom from Gansu: Being able to go to Beijing was a reward. Meeting new friends and leaders was a reward. You let me see things I didn’t know of. I was able to experience the real Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, the Bird’s Nest, the Water Cube, and Chang’an Avenue. I valued this activity. If I have another opportunity like this, I will definitely take hold of it with both hands.

LSC Sienna GreatWallSienna climbing the Great Wall

Sienna from Gansu: I know I am introverted and not good at socializing. This summer camp let me meet many new friends. The teachers encouraged me to communicate more with my peers. I climbed the Great Wall. I was excited to see Tiananmen Square. I came to understand social etiquette, studied how to manage finances, and learned the secrets of adolescence. I will be more self-confident!

LSC Lynn introductionLynn introducing herself the very first night of camp

Lynn from Anhui: Summer camp was so interesting! Your kindheartedness has allowed a helpless kid with low self-esteem like me gain confidence and motivation to press forth!!! During my time, I enjoyed many wonderful things. I tried many tasty foods. I learned about social etiquette, computers, sex education, and women’s self-defense…I will definitely write about this! When I am able and have financial backing, I will definitely come take part in this great foundation.

LSC Evelyn GreatWallEvelyn (in front) with friends at the Great Wall

Evelyn from Anhai: This summer camp had a great impact on me. First it made me go from being a child with feelings of low self-esteem to becoming a person with self-confidence. Afterwards, it also let me become familiar with real friendship and cooperation. In the end, I also learned how take the initiative to help people. All in all, I really want to thank the foundation for being able to give me this chance to go to summer camp. When I am able, I hope to attend this summer camp as a volunteer.

LSC First Flight 8.15Fujian campers headed home on an airplane — their first flight!

The theme of this year’s camp was, “The World Is Better With Me In It.”  The campers’ increased self-confidence and self-esteem makes us hopeful that we were able to instill in them the belief that they truly are an essential part of the world. We hope that this core belief is something that they will carry with them throughout their lives.


How wonderful that many of them want to continue to be involved with the camp if it is held again in the future!

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