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Life in Lockdown

During the time of the coronavirus, many of us are just getting used to what it means to be sheltering in place. If you scroll through a Facebook feed, you’ll see lots of humorous memes from frazzled parents, adjusting to being home 24/7 with their kids.

Well, our China Healing Home nannies are definitely pros by now, as they’ve been on complete lock-down since January 26th. That means they are now on Day 74 of watching over the orphaned children in our care – without getting a single break.

Currently, there are five amazing nannies taking care of the children, and they’ve been unable to go outside…even for a moment. This means their only contact with their own families, for almost three months now, has been by phone. They spend their time playing with the children, handling the inevitable squabbles, and trying to find creative ways to celebrate the children’s birthdays inside. They have also allowed more than a few slumber parties to take place!

The nannies’ attitudes have been simply incredible. They’ve been dedicating extra time into teaching the children new skills, whether that is learning to roll over, take those all-important first steps, or even learning to read. And we know their biceps are definitely in shape as they’ve been holding, carrying, and rocking babies galore.

Some of the nannies have even taught themselves therapy skills, as they’ve become the only means of continuing PT for the children. When the lockdown began, all the hospital staff where the healing home is located were sent home, which included all the physical therapists who were providing help to our children. The nannies were determined that the children wouldn’t lose the important progress they were making.

Today we are giving a huge shout-out of thanks to these dedicated women.

With just a moment’s notice, their 8-hour shifts turned into 24/7 ones. Back in January, none of them could have imagined that they’d soon be providing 100% of each child’s food, education, and medical/PT care. They’re changing diapers, reading bedtime stories, laundering clothes, cleaning the healing home, sterilizing each package of supplies, taking photos, and sending us reports.

But most importantly…for every orphaned child in our care, they’re providing safety, security, and oh so much LOVE.

To all of you who make this essential program possible, we send our deepest thanks. We can’t wait for the day when the lock-down order is finally lifted and we can have a joyous healing home party for these caring and committed women!.

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