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Life Philosophies

According to our house manager, Zhang Ming, some of the babies have already developed particular “life philosophies”.

For example, Nick’s life philosophy is to cry. You remember the post a while back, showing mouth open so wide you could see his tonsils? Well, he still likes to cry…but we’re happy to report that he seems to be settling down a little bit. He has replaced some of his screaming with babbling, and that’s a welcome change. He’s not smiling in these pictures, but at least he’s not crying!


Jack’s life philosophy is eating…and that’s one about which we are very happy! As long as the nannies strictly adhere to his eating schedule (every two hours!) he’s a happy camper…but if his bottle is late, he let’s everyone know about it!

Jack…taking a rare break from eating!

Dawn’s life philosophy is smiling! And boy, do we have the pictures to prove it!

Dimply Dawn

Regardless of what their philosophy is, we are so pleased that each of our children has the opportunity to be unique in his or her own way, and so grateful that our nannies take the time to get to know each of them. It’s such a gift to share in the development of each of these babies, as they continue to establish who they are. And we can’t wait to see who they will be in the years to come!

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