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Life Skill Camp 2019: Introductions and Icebreakers

We are so excited to share with you this year’s Life Skills Camp for older orphaned teens where the message is always, “The World is Better with Me In It”.

On Sunday, over 40 campers arrived in Beijing from 8 orphanages around China. Once everyone signed in, badges and backpacks were distributed in addition to camp shirts.

The start of camp is always a time of mixed feelings for campers.  While they are excited for the opportunity to take part in Life Skills Camp, they are also a little shy being in a new environment with people they don’t know.

Day One of camp always begins with personal introductions. It takes a lot of courage for many of these teens to stand up in front of the group with a microphone and introduce themselves.

Introductions were followed by a fun ice breaker game.

The ice breaker helps to get the teens comfortable working together in groups that are not divided by the orphanage from which they come. In each camper’s backpack is an animal puzzle piece. The teens must work together to find everyone who has a piece of their animal and put it back together. Once the animals have been pieced back together, everyone who helped to solve the puzzle is now in their new group for the week.

Looks like the ice has been broken!

Throughout the week, the campers will learn life skills such as budgeting, internet safety, sex ed, ordering and paying for their own meals in restaurants and finding their way on public transportation, in addition to field trips to important cultural sites around Beijing. Even more importantly, we hope that they will internalize the belief that as individuals, their own lives have great value. We hope you will follow along with us!

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