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Life Skills Camp 2018 Begins

This weekend, thirty-five teens from seven orphanages arrived in Beijing to take part in our 2018 Life Skills Camp.

The teens traveled to Beijing via buses and trains. This was an exciting experience for the teens as most have never been outside of their home province!

Our China director and mentors were so excited to welcome the campers.

After everyone was signed in, campers were given a lanyard with their name badge imprinted with the camp motto:  The world is better with me in it.

Throughout this week, campers will be learning valuable skills such as money management, online safety, sex education, and proper etiquette. They are also going to have the opportunity to visit cultural landmarks near Beijing. These field trips are always a highlight of the camp for the teens.

Once everyone was checked in and settled, it was time for the welcome dinner. Each camper gave a brief introduction that included their name, age, and school they attend. Some even talked about a hobby they enjoy. We know that this was a daunting experience for many of the teens and are so proud of them for their bravery!

Thank you to the many sponsors who have stepped up to support these teens for Life Skills Camp. We hope that each and every one will come away from this week with new skills, life experiences, and friendships — truly believing that the world is better with them in it.

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