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Life Skills Camp 2019: City Adventure and Farewell Dinner

Our 4th annual Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens has been filled with laughter, learning, and JOY. The final day is always bittersweet as the teens reflect on what they have learned, the friendships that they made, and the put their newfound skills and confidence to use.

On the last day of camp, the teens get to practice many of the skills they learned this week in communication and self-esteem by navigating the streets of Beijing.  This “Big City” adventure is always a challenging but very fun ending to the camp.

Each group of teens randomly chose a major landmark we had picked in Beijing:  the Lama Temple, the Confucian Temple, the Temple of Heaven, The Yuanmingyuan Garden, The Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, or The National Opera House. Then, their challenge was to figure out where their landmark is located and the best form of transportation to use get there. Each team was assigned an adult mentor, but the mentors are not allowed to help the teens in any way (except for true emergencies).  This is an activity that the teens have to do completely on their own from start to finish.

Once they arrived at their landmark, the campers had to purchase their own tickets to enter the site, in addition to making sure that they had enough money left over for lunch.

Some groups budgeted very well and were able to treat themselves to one final great meal in Beijing

Others decided to spend their money on snacks and souvenirs, leaving them with only enough money for a simple noodle bowl for lunch!

The groups had a deadline to make it back to the hotel, where they met up to share their experiences.

The lessons they learned from this adventure are so important. They had to figure out the best way to budget the limit funding they were given to travel to their assigned site, purchase the entry ticket, buy lunch, and pay for transportation back to the hotel. They also navigated the public transportation system in Beijing. All of these are skills they rarely get to practice living in an orphanage and are ones they will need the rest of their lives.

Following their big adventure, the teens had a farewell dinner. Each orphanage group did a performance they had prepared. The evening ended with everyone signing each other’s white t-shirts they will keep as a memory of this week.

We are beyond grateful to everyone who supported our 4th annual Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens.

We hope that these wonderful campers remember the lessons they have learned over the course of the past six days and are able to apply them to their lives.

Because of you, each and every orphaned teen will head back to their home city with memories we hope they’ll cherish for a lifetime. And we hope and pray that they will hold the message, “The World is Better with Me in It,” firmly in their hearts.

 THANK YOU for supporting our 2019 Life Skills Camp!

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