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Life Skills Camp 2019: Exploring Beijing

On Day Three of our Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens, the campers were so excited to visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, two of the most famous cultural sites in all of China.

Since Tiananmen Square is located just outside of the Forbidden City, it’s a great place to kick off the tour for the teens.

Tiananmen Square is considered one of the top ten largest city squares in the world.  Every year, the teens find new and interesting ways to move in that vast space.

No matter where they are from, teenagers seem to love to dab!

When not dancing, they were busy learning about China’s history and the importance of these sites to their cultural heritage.

Up next was the visit to the Forbidden City, which was once the Chinese imperial palace during the time of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The tour went well, but it was very hot and humid. The teens did what they could to stay cool and hydrated. It looks like they had fun with fans and frozen treats to help beat the heat!

Watching friendships form and bonds strengthen over just a few days is quite amazing.

The campers share the experience of growing up in an orphanage, so it is truly a special time for them to meet others with a similar background.

We hope they are truly beginning to believe that the world is a better place with THEM in it!

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