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Life Skills Camp 2019: Summer Palace Visit and Joy at the Beach

The fun and learning continue during Days 4 and 5 of our Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens. As you look through these photos of their adventures at the imperial Summer Palace and the beach, you can’t help but feel the excitement of the campers as they explore, learn, bond, and grow.

The morning of Day 4, the teens visited the Summer Palace in Beijing, a large park from the Qing Dynasty filled with lakes, gardens, and palaces.

Thankfully the weather was much milder today, allowing everyone more of an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The campers’ afternoon was filled with important life lessons on topics such as the harmful effects of smoking, drinking, and drugs…

…as well as the difference between healthy and harmful relationships. As part of his lesson about relationships, our facilitator Mr. Guo also spoke to them about safe sex, date rape, and sexual harassment.

Mr. Guo does an amazing job of covering these more sensitive subjects in an informative yet fun manner, as you can see from the smiles all around.

Day Five of Life Skills Camp is Beach Day, an absolute favorite each and every year. Most orphaned teens have never been to the beach or seen the ocean, so you can imagine the glee that ensued upon their arrival!

Of course, at least one teen agreed to be buried in sand by his friends!

Some also chose to sit quietly in wonder and take it all in.

The teens had a fun seaside dinner before heading back to Beijing.

The lessons and lectures during the week are so vital to the entire Life Skills camp experience. However, these carefree moments of these teens on the beach — just being kids — are absolutely priceless.

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