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Life Skills Camp – Day Four

Today our Life Skills campers had a morning visit to the Beijing Olympic Village where they got to see the Bird’s Nest, the Water Cube, and of course the Olympic Friendlies.

IMG_0753Bird’s Nest

conew_dscf4280Water Cube

IMG_4772With the Friendlies

IMG_4835Trying out their Olympic skills

After that it was an outing to the Beijing Science and Technology Museum, where everyone found something to make them say, “Wow!”


IMG_4851Science Movie Tickets

conew_dscf4421Dinosaurs are cool, no matter your age

conew_dscf4405Escalator Riding

The teens also had a lesson on navigating big city subway systems.  We are happy to report that we didn’t lose anyone.  : )


Today’s classroom time was spent on the essential Life Skill of etiquette and how to handle different social situations.  The teens were very engaged in the lessons, and learned everything from how to handle a wedding invitation to how to formally toast someone at a banquet.


conew_dscf4475Lots of note taking

IMG_6286“Always keep your glass lower than the higher ranking people”

The final session of the day covered sex education, and we were very blessed to have a college professor certified in this topic to lead the discussion.

conew_dscf4516Professor Chen

IMG_6349After class pizza party

One of the campers who has come to Beijing is a beautiful young lady from Gansu province. Abbie is 23 years old and will age out this year and start working at a job — on her own for the first time. She said this camp has been a huge help to her so far. She is missing her left eye, which was removed in 2008, and so she has one artificial eye. She told our camp leaders today that she has started feeling pain in her eyes again. The orphanage sent her to a local hospital in her hometown, but she got very conflicting info on what could be done for her.  Abbie was wondering if we could arrange for her to be seen in Beijing, possibly at Tongren Eye Hospital, but she knows she isn’t a child any longer, so she wasn’t sure if we could help.

Want to guess what answer we gave? : )  Eyesight is just so precious, so we are very thankful she mentioned her health issues to us so we can make sure she gets the best care possible.

conew_dscf4525Beautiful Abbie, on the left

One of our great mentors sent me a message last night:

I am having the best time with the kids, but my heart is wishing that every older orphan in China could have been here for this special week.  The lessons and encouragement gained here will be lifelong, even for myself.  Thank you for understanding that the most important thing these kids need is love.  I hope I can prove myself worthy to show them how special they are.



Thank you again to everyone supporting this camp.  Today some of the older orphan campers asked if we would be holding the camp again next year, because they said they would love to come back and volunteer as mentors for a new group of teens.  I think that shows just how much this has meant to them, and YOU made it possible!

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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