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Life Skills Camp For Older Teens and Young Adults

Over a year ago, we began discussing the need for “Life Skills” training for the older orphaned teens who age out of the welfare system without being adopted.


We have been working with older teens and young adults for the last decade, and the reality is that many of them struggle when they first venture out on their own, as they have had limited experience with topics that parents would normally teach their kids.


Since children in orphanages rarely are given spending money, for example, many don’t know anything about setting a budget or managing funds. Many have very low self-esteem since orphaned children are sometimes made to feel lower at school. A large majority have never had anyone even talk to them about the birds and the bees or ways to stay safe online or when walking alone.


In 2013, we put together a team to create curriculum on many real world topics which are essential for all teens heading out on their own to know, subjects that all of us as parents teach our kids before they venture off to college or move into their first apartment.

Life Skills Chopping

We are excited to let you know that our very first Life Skills camp will be held this summer in Beijing, with teens participating from orphanages across China. This is the first of what we hope will become annual camps, combining lots of fun and new friendship with lessons on topics like alcohol use, conversation and etiquette, finances, personal safety, physical health, self-esteem, and anger management. All of the classes will be taught in Chinese by Chinese experts on each subject, with lots of time for discussion and interaction.


Watch this space for more news on this upcoming camp! Fifty teens will be traveling to Beijing to take part, and we will have information soon on how you could help sponsor one or more to attend.

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  • Rose A. Lewis says:

    This is wonderful. I adopted my daughter Ming, now 23, from an orphanage outside of Wuhan. When we made a return trip in 2007 among those who greeted us at the orphanage was a 16-year-old girl. She was smiling but my heart was breaking—what would become of her? Thank you for helping those who are older learn how to live outside the orphanage. Wonderful work.