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Life Skills Camp Has Begun!

Life Skills Camp has begun! All this week, orphaned teens from around China are gathering in Beijing to attend camp centered around the theme, “The World Is Better With Me In It.” Field trips, friendships, and lessons on a variety of topics related to becoming an independent and responsible adult are all part of this busy week.

Tired but excited, the teens from Guizhou province were the first to arrive in Beijing on Saturday.

Upon arrival, they lined up to sign in at our welcome desk.

Each teen received a backpack filled with items they will need throughout the week including a piece of an animal puzzle which they were to use on Sunday evening.

Abby, the girl wearing the blue jacket in the photo above, is one of last year’s campers who has returned to work as a mentor this year. She seems very enthusiastic about helping teens have a great experience, just like she did in 2015!

LSC 2016 Elephant Group Day 1

The teens are all very shy on arrival.  It was this way last year, but as the week progresses we are sure their personalities will shine out and they will gain confidence…which is the whole point of this week!

The teens, mentors and chaperones all had dinner together.

After dinner, the teens were asked to get their piece of the animal puzzle out and mix with all the other teens to find who had the other pieces of the puzzle. This is how they discovered which ‘animal’ group they will be in for the week. Below you can see the “Frog” group putting their puzzle together.

The teens were also asked to stand up and introduce themselves one at a time.  We are sure they were all very nervous, but they all did it and we are proud of them!


Min introMin


On behalf of all the teens attending our 2016 Life Skills Camp, we thank you for your support as they take part in this life-changing experience!

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