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Life Skills Camp: Navigating The Streets Of Beijing And Farewell

The final day of Life Skills Camp 2018 brought an exciting challenge as the teens set out on a journey through the streets of Beijing.

There will come a day when these teens will need to be able to find their way around their cities on their own, and this exercise was a fun way to test their independence.

Five envelopes were prepared with five different locations such as the Temple of Heaven or Beihai Park. Groups randomly picked envelopes to find out the location they would be visiting. Each person in the group was given a small amount of spending money which had to be correctly managed and used for transportation, entrance tickets to their location, and lunch. The groups were then sent on their way to navigate on their own to their assigned location. Their mentors followed along but were instructed not to help unless absolutely necessary.

Several groups had to ask for directions, and one group did get on a bus going the wrong way, but eventually, everyone made it to their destination.

Once they arrived they had time to tour the cultural landmark that they had to find.

Everyone was given until 4:00 pm to finish their adventure and arrive back at the hotel. Each group made it back with plenty of time to spare with the exception of one group who made it back at 3:59. Still on time, though!

The final night of camp ended with the farewell party. Everyone was given a white t-shirt and markers so they could sign each other’s shirts.

Before the night ended, each teen received a certificate of completion that they could take back to their orphanage. We made a video highlighting each camper and their activities throughout the week. The teens who were so somber and shy at the beginning of the week ended the camp dancing, singing, and saying goodbye to their new friends with promises to stay in touch.

Saying goodbye to our 35 campers is such a bittersweet moment. We are so grateful they had this opportunity to attend Life Skills Camp and hope that they have internalized the camp’s message that, “The World Is Better With Me In It”.

We truly believe that each and every one of these orphaned teens has so much to offer to the world and hope that this week has helped give them the confidence and inspiration to fly!

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  • Jill Donnelly says:

    These camps bring me to tears. I’m so thankful for your ability to say “we can make a difference”. 35 out of how many kids in their situation? But this is 35 that can move forward filled with encouragement and confidence to live their lives. A memory that can stay with them forever. Thank you.