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Life Skills Camp: Singing In The Rain

Day four of our Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens was a real adventure.

Their day began with a field trip to the Summer Palace in Beijing, perhaps the most famous imperial garden in the world — in a torrential downpour. Fortunately, our fearless China director Cindy made sure everyone had matching ponchos!

Most of our teens were ready for the adventure and made the most of their day in the pouring rain.


The teens took a dragon boat around the lake, and soon the clouds parted and the rain came to an end.

In the afternoon, our discussion leader Mr. Guo talked about some sensitive topics with the teens. Lessons covered puberty, sex education, HIV, and how to prevent date rape.

Mr. Guo does an amazing job teaching these lessons in a fun and interesting way that keeps the teens engaged.

Dinner tonight was pizza. Everyone ate quickly so they could ride the subway to an acrobatic show. Most of these teens had never ridden the subway and were very curious about it.

We are hoping for better weather when the campers visit the beach tomorrow!

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