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Life Skills Camp 2018: Sponsors Needed

In just over six weeks, LWB will be hosting our third Life Skills Camp in Beijing for orphaned teens who are close to “aging out” of institutional care. Our one-week camp brings children together from orphanages around China for classes on important topics such as money management, personal safety, and adolescence, as well as daily field trips to famous landmarks like the Great Wall.

There is an old Chinese story about a frog in a well, who because of his confinement is unable to understand there is a big, beautiful world just outside where he lives. For most of the children who attend Life Skills Camp, it is the first time they have ever left their orphanage town. In past years, many of the campers returned home and wrote to tell us what an enormous impact it had on their lives. Several actually compared themselves to that famous little frog, saying their eyes were finally opened to just how big and wondrous the world is.

One teen wrote, “As soon as I arrived in Beijing, it struck me that I was in a brand new world, with a longing heart.”

The World is Better with Me in It is the theme of our camp – and for many of the teens, it is the first time they have been told that critical message.

One girl told us, “During this camp, I realized that the world is full of loving people, and I can be one of them.”

Another wrote, “At camp, I was able to discover a valuable and unique me, and now I have become much more self-confident.”

Today we are asking you to consider sponsoring an orphaned teen for summer camp. Your support is crucial, so that even more children will feel like 17-year-old Ling:

“I will never forget my memories of this camp or the message that I am a special and important person.  I was only able to experience this big and beautiful world because of your kind sponsorship.  I learned so much at camp that I will keep in my heart forever.”

Full sponsorships are available for $350 each (each teen needs two). but smaller donations are critical as well. Every dollar given gets us closer to our goal of sending children from seven orphanages to camp in Beijing. Make a donation of any amount today, and we will match you with other supporters to sponsor a teen’s fees.

Your gifts for this important program make such a lasting difference to the children who often have lived their entire lives without the support of a family. For so many of these teens, camp is the first time they hear the message, “Your life truly matters.”

Will you join with us to allow even more teens to hear that message as well?  Every child born deserves to know there are people out there who care.

We end this blog today with the words of a teen who was deeply moved that a complete stranger would care enough to give him the opportunity to attend summer camp.

“Dear friend, I am a very common person. I may never achieve anything grand or worthy enough to be written in the history book. I may not turn my dreams into reality. But I know now that I must try to be a happy person, to record my own life, to love myself and love others. No matter how small a good deed is, I will do it wholeheartedly, because I have been loved by this world.”

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  • Petrie M says:

    I am helping to sponsor three young people. How do I send an encouraging letter to them? Thank you.