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Life Skills: Shop, Cook, and Enjoy!

Love Without Boundaries is excited to announce that we are in the process of developing a brand new initiative within our Education program: Life Skills and Community Bridging.  This program is being created to help older children who are no longer available for adoption gain the critical every-day life skills they need to help prepare for life outside the institution. Last week, the program launched with five older children, all students in our Huainan Education Program.

All summer, they will work with a very special foster mom, who has a big heart and so much to offer as their mentor.  She’ll teach them how to pick the best vegetables and meat at the market, how to handle money and bargain, and how to cook simple and nutritious meals.

The students had a great time exploring and learning at the morning market.

When they arrived home, they learned to wash and prepare the vegetables.

Next, under their new mentor’s patient instruction and supervision, the students worked together to prepare several nourishing dishes.

For some, this was the first time using a knife or cooking over a hot stove.

Look at the beautiful meal they made!

Finally, feeling very proud, they were able to gather around the table for a meal and enjoy their own culinary creations.

The students really enjoyed the day, which certainly made our day.  Helping older children learn how to take care of themselves is something that has long been of great concern to us. The Life Skills and Community Bridging program will progressively expand into other areas of learning, helping older children bridge into the community, while gaining the practical tools needed for success in their adult lives.  We are enlisting the support of experts in areas such as budgeting and finance, computer literacy, social etiquette, and health education, with the hopes of formulating a solid curriculum which could be used in orphanages throughout China.

If you have a special desire to help these older children and would like to partner with us to watch them grow and succeed in life, please consider making a donation for this very important project.

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