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Lifelong Memories of a Field Trip

If you’re like me, you’re already receiving notices of field trips just a few weeks into the school year.  I’ll admit it, my kids are already complaining.  The typical things I hear are, “Oh mom, we’ve been there before!” or “The bus will be so hot,” or my favorite, “The alligator farm, again?  That place is so lame!”  Do you hear similar things from your kids?

Well, I’ll tell you who had the BEST time on their first field trip this year:  the kids from the Believe In Me Huainan School who recently went on a field trip to the aquarium.  The report from Kathy, our China manager, was impressive; however, I think the photos really tell the best parts of the story!

The younger students went on the trip the first day, and I was sad to read that almost all of the kids cried in the bus on the way there.  Why were they crying, you might ask?  Well this was the first time they had ever ridden in a vehicle, and they were all scared.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that these kids never leave the orphanage for any reason — so to be in a moving vehicle was certainly very frightening.  However, the tears faded fast and were replaced by immense joy when they arrived at the aquarium and started to see and feed some of the sea animals that they had been studying.

Christina, who is still waiting to be chosen by a family, gazes at the fish in wonder.

The second day the older students went, and no tears were shed.  During the entire trip they chatted about all the amazing sea animals they would see.  All day they were enthralled with the beautiful fish, sting rays, and sea otters, to name a few.  Some of the children were able to feed the sea otters, and many of the children were asking for their photos to be taken so that they could remember this day forever!

Many thanks to both Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and our friends in Spain for helping to fund this amazing day for the children!  This was a life experience that they will remember forever.

We hope some of these children will be able to receive permanent families of their own through adoption and have the opportunity to visit more aquariums and experience more field trips.  Quite a few of these children are available for adoption, including Christina, Ronan, and Jacob. Please join us in sharing this story and the stories of the waiting children to help them have the chance for other memorable days like their day at the aquarium!

~Melissa Kramer, LWB Education Director

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