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Like Night and Day

Hunter and Lance were born just one day apart, came from the same orphanage, arrived on the same day,  and now reside in the same room at the cleft home.  Even with so many things in common, these little boys are VERY different.

Lance sleeps a lot, and is happy to pass the time quietly gazing at toys or playing with his fingers. He only cries when he feels as though he’s being ignored. Hunter really likes to be held by the nannies, and observing the older babies playing on the rug in the sitting room.

Lance is a good eater, and is quickly becoming chubby. Hunter, on the other hand, is having a harder time eating, and remains pretty small and fragile.  Lance has a head FULL of black hair, and Hunter only has a little bit of hair, which appears to be curly, and light brown in color.


Hunter with his wispy hair                                      Lance with a full head of hair

It’s good and normal that these babies have different personalities, likes and dislikes, but we do hope that Hunter will learn some lessons from Lance, and start eating more and putting on more weight!

“Come on, Hunter, we know you can do it!”


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