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Lillie’s Top Ten List

Dear Love Without Boundaries:
I’m Lillie. I’m ten years old and have been looking for my forever family for a while now. Since you are in touch with many nice people that might be looking for a loving daughter like me, I thought I’d share the ten best things my Believe In Me Teachers from Changde in Hunan Province write about me on my report cards.

I can’t wait to share my report cards and everything about me with a Mom and Dad, someday soon.

Please let them know that I’ve been saving up hugs for a long time. All they need to do to find me is contact: education@lwbmail.com

The Ten Best Things about Lillie
By Lillie and her Teachers

1. I comfort others who are sad or distressed.
2. I’m a quick learner.
3. I have a great memory.
4. I am a good writer and enjoy writing .
5. I have a beautiful singing voice .
6. I’m very curious and like to ask questions.
7. I am well spoken.
8. I get along very well with everyone.
9. My teachers say that I am a super assistant for them.
10. I’m very ready to meet my forever family.

Linda Mitchell is a wife and mom to four, Associate Director of Education for Love Without Boundaries, volunteer at her kid’s school, student of School Library Media, K-1st Sunday School Teacher…..and creative writer when she can get a word in edgewise.

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