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Lily: A Story of Opportunity, Dedication, and Success

We first met Lily when she was a shy 13-year-old at an orphanage in Guangdong Province. She and the other teens at the social welfare institute where she lived were a close knit group of kids.


Over the next few years, through LWB’s Education Program, we have loved getting to know them all better. Lily was always so sweet to the younger kids when we would visit, and the orphanage director told us again and again what a kind and responsible person she was. We encouraged all of the teens we were working with to set big goals for themselves, and we told them that we would do everything possible to help their college dreams come true. We are very grateful to our supporters who allow these great kids a chance at higher education.


We are so happy to report that Lily has now graduated from college with a degree in computer science. She has been particularly interested in the use of technology within the field of design. While completing her studies, Lily never stopped wanting to help others as well. She has continued to help care for the younger children at her hometown orphanage, and she even volunteered to help accompany children to Shanghai when they needed surgery. If that didn’t keep her busy enough, this amazing young woman even coached a kids’ basketball team!


Last year Lily began working full-time in the customer service department of an information technology company while attending night classes in college. Here she gained valuable work experience and was particularly excited by the occasional opportunity to work with the design department. Lily’s hard work and determination have paid off. She has now moved to Shanghai, where she has secured a position in the art design department of a large company! We are so proud of this dedicated young lady, and we wish her all the best as she begins this exciting new chapter of her life. We know she will accomplish great things.


If you would like to be a part of another older child’s educational dreams, you can sponsor a child in our Secondary and Higher Education program. Many wonderful young people are hoping for the same great outcome as Lily!

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  • Patt says:

    Such a beautiful, heartwarming story! My heart breaks for those orphans who never get the encouragement and help they need as teens. Thank you LWB for the ones who are blessed to become part of your program.