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Lincoln Prepares for Heart Surgery

Little Lincoln was born with Down Syndrome and an ASD heart defect (atrial septal defect). He entered our Anhui Healing Home last winter at five months old, and the nannies immediately fell for his joyful, gentle nature.

Lincoln thrived in their care, and when he was a year old he graduated to foster care.

In February, Lincoln became quite ill and was hospitalized with pneumonia. Doctors did repeat cardiac tests and let us know that Lincoln’s heart function was worsening. He would need to undergo open heart surgery to have a chance for a healthy life.

We are very excited that a team of doctors from Florida is on their way to Lincoln’s province of Anhui for LWB’s very first cardiac medical exchange. The Hefei Cardiac Exchange will take place May 18-21 in partnership with Hefei Cardiac Hospital (HCH) and Little Hearts Medical. This is the first partnership between HCH and a foreign medical team, and we hope this collaboration brings many more opportunities for healing to children with heart defects in China and even beyond.

Lincoln will hopefully have his heart surgery during the cardiac exchange. His foster mom brought him to the hospital today for preliminary tests prior to surgery, and he was all smiles. We are all hoping Lincoln’s surgery will go smoothly, and he can recover in record time.

The Hefei Cardiac Exchange would not be possible without each and every person who has donated to this cause and to children like Lincoln.

There’s still time to be a part of our very first cardiac exchange. We are currently working to raise the remaining amount needed to fund Lincoln’s hospital, OR, and ICU costs. Please consider making a gift in any amount to help heal Lincoln’s heart.

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