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Kids at Lishui orphanage

About a year after adopting an older girl from the Lishui orphanage in 2008, Suzanne Damstedt began as LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Director. One of her first projects was helping this orphanage, which had not previously been helped by LWB. She shared the project with a small Yahoo group of Lishui adoptive families, and, with generous support from the group, 100 sets of baby clothes, over 100 bags of cloth diapers, and physical therapy supplies were provided to the orphanage.

In addition to the items provided, Zane (wearing blue in the front row in the photo above) was seen by our medical program director and later received heart surgery. We are still hoping he will have a chance at adoption. In fact, he is one of four children for whom LWB provides adoption assistance grants! We are so hopeful that his forever family will find him soon.

Zane — still waiting!

After the initial project, the Lishui orphanage officials asked Suzanne to try to find families for two other older children, both of whom were close to aging out at age 14 and being ineligible for adoption. Suzanne’s family returned to Lishui in 2010 to adopt one of these children, just a day before she turned 14. A family was also found for the other child, and he was adopted a few months later, about two weeks before turning 14. It is amazing how one project led to these children being helped!

We have held ongoing projects for this orphanage each spring. When asked what was needed this year, the orphanage told us that they needed pajamas for the older children who would not have the chance of being adopted. The pajamas were sent a few months ago. We are very grateful for the adoptive parents who have helped each year to make a difference in the lives of the Lishui children.

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