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Little Angel Junie

We have received nothing but glowing reports about five-year-old Junie, a resident of our foster care program in Henan. Last month, our China manager visited her and said that she was just like a little angel! Sweet Junie is on the shared list and is waiting for a family to claim her as their own.

“She is really a good sister,” Junie’s foster grandmother reports. Junie looks out for her younger foster sister, Isabella. When Grandma gave Junie a piece of apple, she asked for another one and gave that to her sister. When she got a toy piano, Junie taught her sister how to play with it. Even when her sister didn’t understand at first, Junie was very patient.

While Down Syndrome can delay gross motor development, we are impressed by Junie’s gross motor skills.  She enjoys playing on the sporting equipment at her local park and also loves to ride her bicycle.  Physical activity comes quite easily to her.  We also learned that her favorite food is watermelon!  She eats the same food as the family and has been in excellent health recently.

With the guidance of her foster grandmother, Junie is becoming more independent and can wash herself and tries to help Grandma with the housework.  Junie has not yet had the opportunity to attend school, but Grandma has been a loving and patient teacher at home, and Junie is quite responsible around the house.

In last month’s report we were touched to see Junie (in green) giving a kiss to her beloved foster sister Isabella.  Junie is such a wonderful big sister to her!  During her foster grandma’s birthday, all of the family members took their children to help celebrate, and little Junie acted as the hostess.  She greeted each child with a smile and brought toys for them to play with.  She also organized games under the guidance of her foster grandma, and hugged and kissed each one to show her enthusiasm.  The children played together quite harmoniously — thanks in no small part to Junie”s warm and welcoming personality.

Recently Junie received a brand new warm winter coat. We enjoyed seeing her joy at getting this coat and modeling it for our China manager!

Could you be a guardian angel to this happy and easygoing little one in need of a forever family?  Please share Junie’s story to give her every chance possible to find them!

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  • paulasz says:

    I would like to become a monthly sponsor of Junie. Could you please let me know best way to do that – I didn’t see her on the sponsor page.

    Thank you.