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Little Apple


Early this past spring we were contacted by a rural orphanage who had just taken in a tiny premature baby, weighing just 1 kg, or 2.2 lbs. We moved her immediately to a provincial level hospital, where she was admitted to the neonatal ICU.

Stacy 1

Baby Stacy, as she came to be called, was oh-so -tiny in size but absolutely enormous in her will to survive. Within days she was consistently drinking 5 ml of formula every few hours, and by the time she was in the hospital for two weeks, we knew she was definitely going to make it, as she began kicking her legs strongly and eating more and more with each feeding!

Stacy 2

Stacy ended up staying one month in the hospital, where she doubled her size to a mighty 2kg, and soon after she was discharged to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home. For the first few months she slept a lot of the day because she still had a lot of catching up to do in the growth department, but when she would wake up she would immediately let our nannies know that this girl needed her bottle!

stacy 3

And we were of course happy to oblige!

Stacy 4

By the middle of summer, Stacy was making wonderful eye contact and loved interacting with the nannies. When they would hold her, she would stare intently at their faces and respond with sweet smiles.

Stacy 5

By the time September arrived, Stacy had caught up with other babies her age (well, maybe not in the hair department, but it will come in time!). She can now stand on her nanny’s lap and babble away in baby talk. She absolutely loves when the older children in the healing home play with her, and she likes to hold hands, like in this sweet photo with her friend Duncan.

Stacy 6

The nannies have begun calling her “Little Apple” because of her rosy, round cheeks.

Stacy 7

We are so grateful to our supporters for rallying behind babies like Stacy. Your gifts have saved this beautiful little girl’s life, and we are confident she will someday find a permanent family through adoption.

One precious child at a time – you are changing the world for the good.

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