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Little Erik

Erik is a little boy in our foster care program. He is almost 5 years old and his special need is being blind. He currently has two foster care sponsors, who have shown such care for him by writing to me and asking about specific toys that they have found that he might enjoy. I am planning to visit him in a month or two and they may want to send something with me for him.

One of these sponsors, after choosing to sponsor him, asked me if there was anything else that could be done to help him. Sadly, I had learned that he was on three adoption agency lists and had never been chosen by a family. This means that he will most likely remain in China for the rest of his life. In order for him to have a real chance at a productive future, he will need to go to a School for the Blind to get educated in a skill. I started looking into this, and we have now found a school for the blind, but it is about 6 hours from where he lives. Last week he traveled there with an orphanage worker and his foster mother. Our facilitator in China sent us pictures of his visit there. It has been decided that he is too young and dependent at this time, but they plan to send someone next month to visit him in his town to help teach his foster parents how to prepare him for future registration in the school.

I am so grateful for the sponsor who motivated me to look into this for Erik. It will make a huge difference in his life. Not only did this sponsor motivate me to look into this, but they are planning to cover his tuition when he does go to school. We are so grateful for all the sponsors who are helping to provide this wonderful blessing of family to these children. It makes all the difference in the world!

Suzanne Damstedt

Foster Care

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