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As a new co-director of our Healing Homes program, I had my first look at our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit updates as they came in from China this month. One particularly impish grin caught my attention right away.

This is Xuan, who was healthy enough to be discharged back to orphanage care earlier this month. Xuan is a darling little guy who arrived at Heartbridge back in November after successful surgery to repair his heart defect. After his surgery, he was healthy enough to be released from the hospital, but not yet ready to return to an orphanage environment. At 21 months, Xuan could sit up only briefly on his own, and he was not yet able to stand or walk. He needed time and some TLC!

During his three months at Heartbridge, Xuan put on over five pounds and made amazing strides in his physical development. I love the description given to us by the Heartbridge nannies from Xuan’s February report:

By that time he was not only sitting and standing, but he was also walking about the place with a bottle hanging out of his mouth, pushing the other children around in their walkers. He loved being tickled and would laugh and scream with delight.

Just look at that grin, and I am sure you can picture the scene!

Here is Xuan back in December, already able to sit more steadily.

Thank you so much to Xuan’s sponsors, including Mrs. Varner’s class who offered the priceless gift of positive thoughts and prayers. Now that he is back at his orphanage with this second chance to be a healthy, happy little boy.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of the other precious children at Heartbridge, you can visit our Healing Homes sponsorship page at:


Jan Champoux
Healing Homes Co-Director

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