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Little Joe and the Healing Home Formula Fund

What does it take to turn a tiny baby into a cute, healthy and social boy? Little Joe would probably tell you that as much as he appreciates excellent medical care and the love of his healing home nanny, a bottle of special formula does the trick!

joe bottle

Little Joe was born with his intestines outside of his body, a condition known as gastroschisis. Sadly, his intestines were exposed to the air overnight, drying a portion of them out. We rushed Joe to the hospital where he had successful staged surgery to return his organs into his abdomen.

little joe 4

Just before Christmas, Joe was discharged from the hospital and joined the babies at LWB’s Anhui Healing Home.


Because some of Little Joe’s intestines had been damaged by the elements, he has struggled to eat by mouth. To help, his doctors recommended Alfare formula which is designed to be easily absorbed and gentle on the tummy.


Alfare formula is significantly more expensive than regular formula, but it seems to be doing the trick as Little Joe is slowly and steadily gaining weight. Seems we won’t be calling him “little” Joe much longer!

joe looking

Would you like to be a part of Little Joe’s story of health and healing? Donations to our Healing Home Formula Fund provide specialized formulas for babies like little Joe whose medical needs require more than your “garden variety” formula. We think the extra expense is more than worth it when we see the results!

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