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Little Joe’s Journey to His Forever Family

This photo is the very first one taken of Little Joe.


Many of you might remember that Little Joe was born in late summer of 2014 with his intestines on the outside of his body — a rare condition called gastroschisis.  Sadly, before he was found by the police, he was exposed to the elements, and part of his intestine dried out.


Little Joe was able to receive emergency surgery right away, thanks to supporters of our Emergency Medical Fund. Doctors told us that he could have a much more difficult time than a baby whose organs were immediately protected after birth. He was very fragile and spent over three months in the hospital recovering and gaining strength. Although he was tiny enough to earn himself the name of “Little Joe”, it was apparent to everyone who met him that there was nothing little about his spirit and will to live!

little joe 6

In time, Little Joe was well enough to be discharged to our Anhui Healing Home and surprised everyone with his resilience and easygoing demeanor despite the trauma that he experienced as an infant.


He steadily gained weight and made so much progress that after four months he graduated to live with a foster family in our Zhang Village foster care program!


Not only did Little Joe gain foster parents, but he also was lucky to have a big foster brother, Etan, who watched him carefully. Above you can see Etan checking out Joe upon his arrival.

For a little over a year, Little Joe lived and played side by side with Etan and received love and care from his devoted foster parents.

Joe 5.16

We are beyond excited to let you know that just this past month, Joe was adopted domestically! We are so happy that he’ll be living in his birth culture with his forever family.

Joe, we wish you all the best for a happy life and are truly honored to have been a part of your story of healing and hope!

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  • Brett says:

    Thanks once again for being such great advocates for domestic adoption.

    Your broad-ranging programs show such extraordinary foresight and compassion for China and, by extension, the family of mankind.