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Little Man Tate

Two-year-old Tate always has a smile ready when our foster care manager comes to visit his foster care program in Shantou!

This easy-going boy has lived with his foster family for over a year now, and he has become very close to them. Each day when his foster father returns from work, Tate runs to the door and greets him. Our manager reports that he is cherished by his entire foster family.

This busy, clever boy enjoys looking at books and building things with his toy bricks. He can also hold a pencil and make vertical and horizontal strokes. 

Soon Tate will be able to use his language skills to call to his adoptive mom and dad, who are expected to come in the next few months!

The love he has known from being part of his foster family is training for the love he will experience as part of a forever family. We know he will charm their socks off, just like he has charmed ours, and we wish him and his family a wonderful and happy new life!

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  • Tracy Jennings says:

    So happy to hear this! My sweet Lynli was Tate’s foster sister for a little while before we came to get her. So glad to hear he has a forever family!!