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Lively, Lovely Rachel from Lu’An

“Clever, affectionate and popular.”
“A very good, caring friend.”
“Devoted big sister.”

These are all words that have been used to describe Rachel, a lively eight-year-old girl in our Lu’An foster care program in Anhui Province. Rachel is an open and friendly girl who loves dancing and has often taken on the role of tutor to her friends at school. Rachel was identified early in life as having some developmental delays, but she is very healthy and is now consistently described in her monthly reports as very bright, articulate, hard-working and disciplined at school, as well as in her family. She received excellent marks in both math and Chinese on her most recent exams!

Rachel gets herself up quickly and eagerly gets ready for school each day.  Rachel’s teachers often point her out to other students as a good example. A devoted friend to other little girls who live in her close neighborhood, Rachel especially treasures her role as doting big foster sister to baby Leah, and she often spends time following Leah around, showing her off to the neighbors and taking very good care of her, as can be seen in the top photo!

I had the privilege of meeting Rachel in person when I visited Lu’An two years ago. She was so cute and giggly as she sat at her school desk, excited to meet us and clearly wondering what little gifts we might have brought.  Rachel will be a wonderful daughter to any family who opens their hearts to her, and I am very much looking forward to the day when I read that she has found her forever family!

Helen Edmonds is our Lu’an, Anhui Foster Care Assistant.

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  • Terrie says:

    Hi Mary, I saw your post and wondered if you may have met Chloe also when you were there.

  • suznews40 says:

    I heard she was with Lifeline today.

    Suzanne D.

  • jankeim says:

    How can I get more info on Rachel? What agency is she listed with, or is she on a shared list? Thank you so much!

  • Mary Mickelson says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Rachel in October, she is an absolute joy. Smart, kind, generous, beautiful…I could go on and on! I think of her daily and pray that her forever family finds her soon.