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Living Out Our Name

Every year in August, I think back to the day that I stood outside the Secretary of State’s office at the Oklahoma state capitol. In my hands were the application papers I had carefully filled out to register Love Without Boundaries as a formal charity. I remember feeling 1/3 parts nervous mixed with 2/3 parts excitement, and I prayed that we would be able to help as many children as possible find healing. Now, thirteen years later, I am still in awe of how it all unfolded, with people all over the world coming together to help orphaned and impoverished children in very real and impactful ways. Thanks to your support, babies and children have been helped both physically and emotionally through foster care, education, nutrition, and our life-saving healing program.

Thirteen years…changing thousands of lives. It never would have happened without you.

Those who know me understand that it is very hard for me to keep good news under wraps. I’m definitely a “shout it from the rooftops” type of person when a baby is healed or a child finds a home through adoption. So keeping the news I’m about to share with you quiet the last few months has been harder than I thought. (I’m so glad the wait is over!)

It is with the greatest joy that I get to announce that the LWB Board of Directors has decided that it’s now time to “live out our name” and take our very successful programs beyond the boundaries of China. Isn’t that wonderful?

Love WITHOUT Boundaries.

For years we have received almost daily requests for assistance from people and groups worldwide, and for the last few months I have been connecting with local citizens who want to impact the orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities but who lack the resources to realize their dreams. And now, because of your amazing support, we are prepared to take on global projects that fit with the LWB model.

I am leaving for Uganda this very week, and once again I find myself feeling 1/3 parts nervous and 2/3 parts excited, which I am taking as a very good sign of things to come. We are very interested in helping in Uganda, as it has an orphan population of over 2 million children, with over a million due to HIV. I will be looking at possible projects for medical, education, nutrition, and foster care – and I would be so grateful for your prayers.

Then next month, I will be visiting the border region between Thailand and Cambodia, where child trafficking and intense poverty have created heartbreaking conditions for thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children. We have been incredibly blessed to connect with a local man here who is doing his very best to help children living in very hard places.

I have such a deep feeling in my heart that we are supposed to make a real difference for children in this area.

Of course our commitment to China remains as strong as ever, and the requests we receive for help there continue unabated. But because you have helped LWB establish such strong and solid programs throughout the mainland there, we now feel confident we can have an impact on at-risk children around the world as well.

Thirteen years ago, God spoke three little words deeply in my heart:  Every Child Counts.

I believe the truth of those words just as much today as I did then, and I am giving thanks that now we will have an even greater ability to live out that message.

So here’s to the start of new and life-impacting adventures for all of us to share together. I can’t wait to let you know about our first projects in Africa following my return.

Through your support and LWB’s expansion, may many more children come to know that their lives truly matter and they are worthy of love.

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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  • Lucila Royuela says:

    Ami admiro tu dedicación !!!!

    Los niños del mundo te necesitan.

    Un afectuoso abrazo

  • Thank you so much for all you do. This step you’re taking to help even more children in this world is a dream come true!

  • Jan Johnson says:

    This is such amazing news! Bless you as you reach out to other areas of the world – every child deserves a safe and happy life.

  • RoseAnne Cleary says:

    This news moves beyond words but not beyond prayers for you all as you begin this outreach. Whenever possible know that I will give what I can and help make your work known. Thank you for adding to the presence of God in our world.

  • RoseAnne Cleary says:

    This news moves me beyond words, but not without prayers for all of you as you extend your loving reach. Whenever possible, know that I will also give what I can and help to make your work be known. May God give you peace and many blessings!