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Long-Awaited Help for Emma’s Leg

When little Emma arrived at the orphanage this summer, it was discovered that this gorgeous four-year-old had an open fracture of her left leg. No one knows how Emma fractured her leg, or how long ago the injury occurred, but what we do know is that she urgently needs surgery before she develops a severe infection.

Emma sitting

LWB has just learned about this child, and we are doing our best to help her get the medical help she so desperately needs. It’s hard to imagine how strong this little one has had to be to live with the pain of a fractured leg since at least this summer.

Based on the photos we have seen and the medical information available to us, irreversible damage may have already started. Our hope is that immediate surgery will may prevent further damage as well as save the leg.

Emma eating

Will you please consider donating toward Emma’s surgery? Your gift of sponsorship will give this precious girl a chance at hope & healing, and we sincerely hope it will bring a much-needed smile to her face.


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