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Thirty children had cleft lip or palate surgery eight months ago during our 2014 Cleft Exchange, and periodically we receive updated photos and reports on their progress. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing some of their smiling faces!


Robert Owen, now 19 months old, had his palate surgery in October. He is still quite a drooler, and is happy and social.


Kenny, recently celebrated his second birthday.  He is doing well and will hopefully have his palate surgery soon.


Karis recently moved into our foster care program. Although she suffered a terrible cold soon after her move, she’s recovered and is thriving.

Paul 11-2014 2
Paul, now 13 months old, crawls all over his healing home and can walk with support. He’s a good eater!

Jennifer, now 27 months old, is generally happy and healthy. We hope she can have her cleft palate surgery soon.

Winston is doing well with his foster family. He is outgoing, active, and already able to take a few steps!

Maureen has settled in with her new foster family. At 13 months, she likes to go outside and play peek-a-boo.

Luce adores his foster mother and is growing healthy and strong. At 11 months old, he can stand already.

Carlos recently celebrated his first birthday. He loves scooting around in his walker and can say “MaMa.”

Harley’s personality has changed since his lip repair.  He is less stubborn and listens to his teacher better. He enjoys singing and dancing with his classmates.

Aimee has really thrived since her surgery. She’s become more confident and happy. She is a good student in our Believe In Me Program and is proud of her artwork. Aimee is eligible for adoption!

Ander, now 14 months old, is happiest when being held by his foster mother. Sadly, he was recently diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy which explains some of his delays.

Last but not least for today is Robin!


Robin has been busy with her new job as a social worker.  She has a lot of reading to do for her training.  She has also taken up photography and is working on learning more English.  Robin recently started receiving speech therapy.  She enjoys spending time with her friends and even participated in a track meet with her co-workers.

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Thank you again to everyone who made this wonderful trip possible. We hope seeing some of the patients from last year’s exchange will inspire you as it has inspired us!

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