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Look For The Helpers

If you’ve turned on your TV at all these last few weeks, you’ve seen it. We all have. The news of this new coronavirus and the numbers of those now sick growing higher every single day has filled all of our hearts and minds these last few weeks. China is home to so many we love: our Unity families, the doctors with whom we partner, our sweet healing home babies, and our friends. Our hearts go out to them all as they stand together to weather this storm.

In times of trouble or pain, I’ve seen the quote from the one and only Mr. Rogers shared over and over again: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

Because you see…it’s true. There are always people who are helping. I think immediately of the incredible medical teams, the ones on the front lines in hospitals doing everything they can to keep children healthy and safe. I think of our cardiac surgeons who care and fight for so many brave hearts, the weight of responsibility heavy on their own hearts, and I cannot fathom the courage it takes to keep going.

I think of our ayis at our China Healing Homes, the ones who are mothering these babies as their own.

Entrusted with the most fragile little hearts, they are doing whatever it takes to provide comfort, safety, and loving care in the midst of so much fear and so many unknowns.

I think of every single one of you. You, who jumped into action when Love Without Boundaries was able to secure 20,000 masks to send to our partners around China, rallying your friends and communities to provide the funding that allowed us to send a bit of tangible hope and protection to our friends across the world. Thank you.

It’s true — it really is. Look for the helpers, for you’ll always find them there.

This isn’t your traditional “story of the heart”, featuring one brave little heart warrior’s hope. Instead today, we recognize a whole country, a whole community, a whole world that has joined together in a global hope for healing: the courageous medical teams, our staff, our ayis, and our children.

Today, all our hearts join the fight cry we’ve heard shouted from China’s rooftop: “Jia you, China. Jia you, Wuhan” — “Let’s go, China. You got this, Wuhan”.

~Meredith Toering, Director of International Cardiac Care

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