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Look Out World—Here I Come!

Millie has grown in leaps and bounds since arriving at the cleft home. She has steadily gained weight and strength and has also become a much happier child.

“Millie when she first arrived at the home—such a tiny little one!”

During her first few weeks at the home, she was a fussy baby. When she was awake (which wasn’t often), she was crying. But, boy, have things changed! She still loves to sleep and is usually the last of the babies in the home to wake up. Her nannies say that even if she wakes before others, she doesn’t like to be removed from her crib for a while (maybe she’s just practicing for her teen years!).

“Look at how strong I am now!”

But now, when she’s awake, she’s very communicative and active. I just love how she’s moving faster than the shutter of the camera in this picture!

Thanks to your support, Millie is one more child who has received the best possible care and the gift of hope.

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  • Cheryl says:

    The nanies are so very important and their love shows!!!!!

  • Nancy Dempsey says:

    We would be interested in adopting Millie or a child like Millie. We are very familiar as our own daughter was born with a cleft lip. Please respond.