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“Look, There I am!”

Photos, scrapbooking, memories—we love to look at the people in and of our lives. And now the students in LWB’s “Believe In Me” education program at Huainan are beginning to have a collection documenting their very own special and unique education program.

All the pictures our sponsors so generously submitted of themselves and their families are on the first page of each album. “Big smiles on their face[s],” Kathy, the program manager, reported as each child at the Huainan school was presented with his or her very own photo album. Just as many sponsors keep photos of their sponsored students, the students now have photos of those people supporting their school endeavors. Kathy explained the commitment and interest the sponsors have in the children’s education and the “very close connection with them.” One of the few things more exciting than looking at their own albums was sharing them with friends, as the children passed around their albums among each other.

The albums also record school life with photos of outings and friends. Included in the albums are cards written by the teachers with the children’s Chinese and English names, favorite colors, favorite foods, and other anecdotal childhood preferences. Consider the positive impact a simple album has on these students! They know they are thought of and will posse for the future memories of concern, commitment, and love from the dedicated sponsors of the education program.

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  • Sarah Bowron says:

    Thank you so much for thinking of giving the children their own albums. I already print off & keep every photo, report or drawing I get sent, but it’s lovely that they can record their own achievements as well. I hope to meet ‘ my two kids, Max & Flora’ some day & will enjoy swapping books!
    Kind Regards,
    Sarah Bowron