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Look What He’s Doing Now!

I met Matthew a year ago this week. He was a teen living in Loudi, Hunan who had been benefitting from an LWB-sponsored tutor. He was working hard to keep up in his classes despite a visual impairment and everyone was impressed — including me!

Fast forward 6 months: Matthew’s efforts prompted the SWI to request that he be allowed to accompany the physical therapists for the SWI (who were being sent by LWB for training in working with the special needs children in the orphanage) to the neighboring province for a course in massage therapy. He spent a portion of his summer completing that course and returned to the SWI.

Fast forward 6 more months: Matthew is still receiving tutoring, still doing well in school (he received an award last semester for being the hardest working student in his class!), but now he has another task as well. He assists the physical therapists in the SWI with the treatment of the special needs children. He seems to have grown several inches due to the confidence and pride he now feels as he serves a greater purpose – helping his younger brothers and sisters in the orphanage.

Way to go Matthew! We’re so proud of you.

Melissa Widenhofer lives with her husband and three children in Maryland. Her youngest child was adopted from Hunan, China in 2005. She is honored to be able to serve the children still waiting through LWB.

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