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Looking Back On The Year In Foster Care: 2016

Foster care allows children who are alone in the world to be alone no more. Instead, they have the opportunity to receive — and give — love within the secure environment of a family.

We’re celebrating foster care this week by highlighting some of our favorite moments from foster care in 2016. Please join us for some special memories from the end of the year!

Seeing children in our foster care program returning or starting school is always exciting for us to see. Mateo, from our foster care program in Tongren, was very enthusiastic about heading back to the classroom.

Mateo has Down Syndrome. Most children with Down Syndrome are unable to attend public school in China, so we feel so happy that Mateo has this opportunity, which came from him being a valued member of his local community! His beaming smile tells us that he can’t wait to go.

Just prior to the onset of colder weather, our directors and mangers in China began organizing and delivering warm clothing for all the children in foster care.

The trio of Dominic, Hugh and Anna Eleanor from Changzhi were among the first to receive their clothing.

Nichole from Lanzhou and Alejandro from Tongren enjoyed modeling their new coats, and we’re so glad they have these cozy clothes to help protect them from the cold winter weather.

This was a landmark month because we established our first foster care program outside of China in a small village in Cambodia near the border with Thailand. Within weeks, four children were placed in two families.

Sampson is comforted by his new foster mom

Audrey and Tom with their new foster mom

All the children we have placed into foster care so far are beginning to bond with their foster families, and already we can see the emotional, physical and developmental positives of them being in a family environment instead of on their own.

December is a special time of giving. Thanks to the kind hearts of a group of Texan high school students, 41 foster care children received quilts that they made. What a wonderful and very much appreciated gift! Charlie and Hudson, both from Huainan, see multiple uses in their quilts and like to use them as capes.

Christi from Huainan knows that this quilt is something to keep her warm.

Little Catelyn from Fuyang shares a cheeky grin of appreciation.

On behalf of the children and all who work tirelessly on behalf of the children in foster care, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters for making 2016 such a memorable and successful year. None of these happy stories from foster care would be possible without you.

We look forward to more successful developments in our foster care program in 2017. Happy Year of the Rooster!

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