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Looking Sharp in School Uniforms

In Cambodia, school uniforms are very important. They impart a sense of pride in one’s school as well as a sense of belonging. The students at our Believe in Me schools in Cambodia recently received their new school uniforms, and we love the proud looks on their faces as they model them for us!

Each student received a white shirt and navy blue bottoms. They also received a book bag to use to carry their belongings.

Many of these children bicycle to school, and keeping their things in a book bag will make it easier and safer for them to pay attention to the road!

As you can see, not all of the children have shoes. These students come from very impoverished families, and not every child is able to have their own pair for school. Ensuring that each student has shoes is something we will have to address in the future.

For now, we think you’ll agree with us that these students look sharp and ready to learn!

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