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Looking Through Aiden’s Eyes


Like the action figures he so loves and with which he plays make-believe, Aiden is an active, outgoing little boy from our Zhang Village Foster Care Program who loves being the center of attention.

Aiden-31510Aiden as a baby at our Anhui Healing Home

No longer the little baby that came into the care of LWB almost five years ago in need of cleft lip and palate surgery, Aiden enjoys the company of others and is friendly and cooperative. Aiden has not looked back, and, with the loving guidance of his extended foster family, he is growing up as a well adjusted, thoughtful, curious, and helpful little boy.


Aiden began kindergarten last year and is making great strides forward in his learning, particularly with his letters and numbers. Where once he struggled to make himself understood outside his immediate family, his speech is now vastly improved. He is able to freely and clearly express himself, and retell stories and events. He has excellent recall, and his efforts have been rewarded with certificates of recognition and excellence.


Aiden has a wicked sense of humor and loves to make people laugh by crossing his eyes and making funny faces. He enjoys playing hide-and-seek and other games with his siblings and peers. More recently, perhaps imitating his action figure heroes, he has taken an interest in martial arts and delights in trying out some of his moves with his foster grandfather, with whom he shares a close bond.



Looking through Aiden’s eyes, life is secure, healthy, and full of fun. Not yet five years old, Aiden is living life to the fullest.

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