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Love For Conjoined Twins Harley and James

Conjoined twins Harley and James have been released from the hospital to wait until the full amount of funds have been raised for their surgery. As of now, the surgery to separate the boys is scheduled to occur at Fudan University Children’s Hospital in Shanghai on February 17 if funding is in place — right after the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.

conjoined twins with grandma

Harley and James’ parents are from a remote farming village in Guizhou, which is a long journey from Shanghai. After the boys were discharged from the hospital, their parents traveled with them to Guangxi province, to stay while they wait for news about the surgery.  To save money, they found a house that is scheduled to be demolished, and they will live there until Chinese New Year is over.

Harley and James home

The building has no electricity or heat, and they have been working hard to keep the twins warm and healthy as best they can. We heard that they were looking for scraps of wood and leaves to burn for heat, and so we sent some funds to be sure they can purchase firewood.


In China, adult children are expected to return to their hometown during Chinese New Year to pay a visit to their parents. The twins’ mom and dad got a train to Guizhou and then have a three-day walk to their village. They are only staying at home for one day to fulfill their Chinese New Year obligation before walking back and taking the train back to their babies. Of course, they felt that this journey would be too strenuous for the twins, so thankfully Harley and James’ paternal grandmother is there to help. She is staying in the abandoned home taking care of the twins; we imagine that she must have her hands full!

Harley and James bundled up

The surgery to separate the twins will be extremely complex, as they share one liver and one pelvis. The hospital has set an estimate of approximately $60,000, and so at first we set a fundraising goal of $15,000, or one-quarter of the total amount needed.  Once that amount was raised, we learned that the parents had been unsuccessful at getting additional funds through other charities, and so we decided to try to raise the remaining amount needed. We are now just $13,000 from that final goal!

twins conjoined

Harley and James’ family live in very meager circumstances, but their love for their twin boys is immense. Not only do they have family who love them, but they also have legions of fans around the world. The outpouring of support for the boys and their family has truly touched this young couple’s hearts.

Harley and James’ parents recorded this video to express their thanks to all who have helped them.

Donations in amounts as small as $10 have added up and helped us reach this goal.  If you feel moved to help this family, you can make a donation either on our website or via our GoFundMe page.

On behalf of the twins’ family and LWB, we thank you for caring for them and look forward to bringing you more news about their upcoming operation.

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