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Love In Action: Bonnie Jean

Today is the official start of our Love in Action year-end campaign, our annual fundraiser which significantly supports our projects in the coming year. I have to admit that I love these three simple words, because I have seen repeatedly that when people step forward to get involved, real miracles take place.

LoveInAction Amy

I saw it over the Thanksgiving weekend, as LWB team members took time away from their own families to make sure kids got the medical care they needed. And I count it as a true blessing that while so much terror is happening around our world, I get to see such beautiful and compassionate acts of kindness each day as people come together to make sure that innocent children get the help they deserve. I still believe that love wins in the end.

BonnieJeanBonnie Jean

This weekend I was thinking so much about a little girl we are helping named Bonnie Jean. Bonnie Jean is two years old and lives in the Tibetan region, and sadly she has already experienced things no child should ever have to go through. Shortly after her birth, her father passed away, leaving her mom and grandfather on their own in extreme poverty.

When Bonnie Jean was just a few months old, she was savagely attacked by a wild animal, and her family was unable to provide any medical care to her since their financial situation was so dire. The entire right side of her face was damaged, and she sadly lost her right eye as well.

Bonnie Jean’s mother is hoping that her little girl can be fitted with an artificial eye and is also hoping something can be done to make her daughter’s appearance more acceptable to others in their small rural community.

BonnieJean home 11.15Bonnie Jean at home with her mother and grandfather

We want to do everything we can for this precious child and have found a wonderful plastic surgeon in XiAn who is willing to take Bonnie Jean’s case. She will need staged surgeries, but the doctor feels the first one can release some of the severe scarring on her right side. We still need $1,800 for this first operation.

BonnieJean on lap

My sincere hope is that Bonnie Jean’s surgery will soon be funded through our Unity Initiative, and then plans can be made to move her and her mom to the hospital,where she can finally begin the medical treatment she truly needs.

I found a beautiful quote a few months ago that I share with you today, since it is so fitting at the start of our holiday season:


I believe that sincerely. The best part of our humanity is shown when we reach beyond ourselves to help those who are hurting.

I hope as the holiday season starts bustling all around us that you will take a moment to put Love into Action and make a life-changing financial gift to help some truly wonderful kids. I promise your gift will directly impact their lives.

Thank you for partnering with us this season to show what true Love in Action can accomplish.

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

Donate today to help Bonnie Jean receive surgery

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  • Marcee says:

    Hi Amy! Have you secured Opthamologic services yet for Bonnie? Please contact me. I may be able to help you. Thanks! Marcee Claflin. OKC, OK. (PS – you missed the ice storm!)