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Love Notes for Polly

Lovely twelve year old Polly is waiting for a family to adopt her.

Polly’s Believe In Me School teachers report that she is helpful, hard working and extremely likeable. In addition to being sweet and friendly, Polly is especially talented at paper crafting, or folding paper into small animals and cards. She’s great at it and loves all kinds of crafts introduced at school. Love Without Boundaries knows a special card Polly longs to create is one for a family….a family who knows that life is not complete without her.

Polly would like to receive a love note back from her future family. It might detail the wishes of their hearts in these easy steps:

First, find a piece of paper, fold it in half and decorate it with all kinds of pictures of a loving family that include Polly. On the inside of the card write of the longing for a daughter as smart and loving as Polly. The agency that holds Polly’s “waiting child” file would call this love letter a dossier.

Next, the family will need to seal their love note in an envelope, write Polly’s name on it and mail it off to the China Center of Adoption Affairs in the form of a Letter of Intent to Adopt, a LOI.

Finally, this family’s love note will be answered with a Letter of Approval to Adopt from the Center of Adoption Affairs! Polly’s new family would then send a LOA back to the CCAA declaring their acceptance of her adoption.

Polly will smile and clap her hands, Polly’s family will jump up and down with happiness, and all of us in the LWB family will join in one big snoopy dance of joy for the family to have found Polly and for Polly to have found her family.

Please contact Meg Gallson (meg.gallson@lwbmail.com) at Love Without Boundaries for information about adopting Polly.

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